Dohne Merino Sheep Breeding Stud and Farm


About Glencairn

Our objective at Glencairn is to improve the breed traits that make money for commercial producers. We've been trading for over 100 years in genetics by selecting the finest breeds for growth rates and hardiness, together with lamb production and fine wool production.

We breed both 'Dohne' and our own successful 'Dollar Maker'™ rams, as well as, being involved in every stage of the production of our own merino clothing line 'Mihi Merino'. The passion we put in to the development of our Merino wool is sold via our online clothing store at

We sell all our rams in a Private Treaty, please contact us to discuss your genetic and budget requirements. We aim to provide the right environment to gather information and discuss breeding values (EBV).

We have provided ready information throughout our website, we're also on hand to answer your questions, please contact us for more information.

Visit our online merino clothing store