Dohne Merino Sheep Breeding Stud and Farm

Glencairn Dohne Rams and Ewes

Glencairn Dohne are the dual purpose breed

Our Ram breeding flocks reflect their pedigree in performance and yield all EBV's are provided in a Private Treaty.

The 'Dohne' has been performance recorded since the 1950's - far longer then the well known NZ Coopworth and Perendale breeds. The 'Dohne' breed was developed in 1939 by the South African Department of Agriculture in order to merge fine wool and good slaughter lamb production in a fertile, hardy and easy care sheep, in South Africa's "Sour Velt" - poor, sour country.

Seven decades of selective breeding has resulted in an animal which is not only very fertile but has ease of lambing, good mothering ability to produce lambs with high growth rates and excellent muscling. The Glencairn Dohne Stud was started in the late 1990’s using embryo transfer from Australia, ET and AI are still used today.

Why Dohne?

  • Polled
  • Plain body, hardy, ewe hoggets can be mated
  • Hogget mic is 18-19 shorn as a lamb
  • Ewes produce 4-6 kg of fleece wool - at 18-21 micron
  • 150% lambing obtainable
  • Mulse free
  • Lambs can achieve 50kg body weight at 7 months
  • DNA tested for 'Footrot' - since beginning of stud
  • EID recorded, fertility, Eye muscle measurement and body weight recorded
  • Micron and fleece quality recorded